Goads of the Masters
Slot weapon; Aura strong evocation
CL 16th; Weight 5 lbs.
The invasion of the qit’ar, which coincided with The Calling that tore The Middle Kingdoms from the World-That-Was, is poorly understood and remembered by all parties involved—the Midlanders because of more pressing matters, and the qit’ar by a nearly total racial consensus. The qit’ar force, and, one assumes, the entire engineered qit’ar race were controlled by a shadowy force called “The Masters”, and one of the only fragments in existence that hint at what those Masters might be are the goads of the masters, of which possibly three dozen or less exist. A goad is a heavy, black, rod-like weapon, which acts like a +2 club ordinarily; the grip is made for an unnervingly non-human hand, reducing to-hit by 1. Glowing blue runes cover its surface, and it does 1 point of electrical damage per round if handled.

The goad of the masters can be used to inflict electricity damage to any number of targets within 60 ft. It can inflict up to 4 points of electricity damage a round and be dazed for one round, up to a maxium of a total 100 points of electricity damage a day. Targets may make a Reflex save DC 26 to reduce the electicity damage by half and a Fortitude save DC 26 to negate the daze.

Any being that is holding a goad of the masters can telepathically communicate with any other goad-holder within 16 miles, though they do not automatically know their location. Qit’ar hate and fear these items to a great degree, and possession and use of one marks the owner as an implacable enemy of that race, though instinct will compel them to obey the wielder if a DC 16 Intimidate check is made—up to 25 qit’ar being controllable by a single goad. After the first Intimidate check is made, control must be established using electrical charges, and a further check, every 24 hours.
A wielder of a goad of the masters must broadcast his intentions to the network of other holders (if any) at least once per day.
A goad of the masters must be dissolved in the blood of 16 qit’ar, collected all at once or in the space of an hour.