Gloves of the Beast
Aura Moderate psychometabolism; ML 5th
Slot hands; Price (per glove) 625 gp (1d3 damage), 1,000 gp (1d4 damage), 3,000 gp (1d6 damage), 5,000 gp (1d8 damage), 7,000 gp (2d6 damage), 11,000 gp (3d6 damage), 15,000 gp (4d6 damage), 19,000 gp (5d6 damage), 22,000 gp (6d6 damage); Weight 0.5 lb.
These supple, black leather gloves allow the wearer to assume the natural attack of a specific animal. Different gloves grant different attacks, such as slam, claws, hooves, talons, or tentacles, allowing mismatched gloves to grant the wielder two different natural attacks simultaneously. Wearing two or more gloves that grant the same type of attack with the same amount of damage grants the wielder a +1 circumstance bonus on attack rolls with the natural attacks.

The different types of natural attacks are identical in cost, only the damage granted from the gloves alters the price. Boot forms of gloves of the beast are also available and take up the boot slot instead of the hand slot. A hand wearing a glove of the beast cannot hold anything.
Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, claws of the beast, graft weapon; Cost (per glove) 313 gp (1d3 damage), 500 gp (1d4 damage), 1,500 gp (1d6 damage), 2,500 gp (1d8 damage), 3,500 gp (2d6 damage), 5,500 gp (3d6 damage), 7,500 gp (4d6 damage), 9,500 gp (5d6 damage), 11,000 gp (6d6 damage)