These strange fey creatures have a symbiotic relationship with an ivy-like plant that serves as their wings. The relationship is so close, it is impossible to separate fey from plant. Gathlains are sometimes helpful, often mischievous, and native to deep primeval forests and jungles, but are also prone to wanderlust and adventuring.

  • Type Fey (2 rp)
  • Size Small (0 rp)
  • Base Speed Normal (0 rp)
  • Ability Score Modifiers Standard (+2 Cha, -2 Con, +2 Dex) (0 rp)
  • Languages Standard (0 rp)

Racial Traits

  • Defense Racial Traits Natural armor (2 rp)
  • Magical Racial Traits Spell-like ability, lesser (entangle, feather step) (2 rp)
  • Movement Racial Traits Flight (40 ft. poor) (6 rp)
  • Senses Racial Traits Low-light vision (— rp)