Eye of Old Mother Owl (Druid Archetype)
Druids who serve Ithreia’s Old Mother Owl aspect act as spies and advisers. They seek out enemies of the faith and corruption among the faithful.

Owl’s Eyes: The eye of Old Mother Owl gains a +2 bonus on Perception and Sense Motive checks. This ability replaces nature sense.

Ithreian Bond: The eye of Old Mother Owl must choose a bird, dolphin, or orca companion if she chooses an animal companion. She can choose any of Ithreia’s domains rather than the domains normally available to a druid with the nature bond ability.

Smell Fear: At 4th level, the eye of Old Mother Owl can cast divination spells while wild shaped into forms that couldn’t normally provide verbal or somatic components. When maintaining a divination spell that normally requires concentrating as a standard action, she can concentrate as a move action while in wild shape. Also while in wild shape, she can lose an equal- or higher-level prepared druid spell to cast sense fear or discern lies spontaneously. She adds discern lies to her druid spell list as a 4th-level spell. This ability replaces resist nature’s lure.

Expanded Senses: At 9th level, the eye of Old Mother Owl reduces the range penalties to Perception checks to one-quarter. The range and area of any divination spell she casts is increased by 50% in each dimension. This ability replaces venom immunity.