Elemental Lords

There are 12 elemental lords worshipped in the Lands of Porphyra
Elemental Lord AL Worshippers* Domains Subdomains Favored Weapon Favored Animal
Ashamar Shining NE Glassblowers,gemcutters, weaponsmiths Artifice, Evil, Fire, Protection Construct, Defense, Retaliation, Toil Blowgun Glass snake
Djinnlord Qarryn LE Gnolls, slavers, sphinx Air, Animal, Evil, Law Clouds, Feather, Loyalty, Slavery Quarterstaff Great horned owl
Drothos CE Fire giants, mountain folk, pyromaniacs Earth, Evil, Fire, Magic Arcane, Arson, Caves, Fear Flamberge Thoqqua
Enor Ashlord LE Ash giants, druids, northern zendiqi Earth, Evil, Law, Plant Ash, Growth, Home, Tyranny Grape hook (as kukri) Panther
Firelord Mal’eket CE Antipaladins, efreeti, warlords Chaos, Charm, Evil, Fire Entropy, Fear, Lust, Smoke Falchion Bull
Ice Tyrant CE Frost giants, northern barbarian, ith’n ya’roo Evil, Strength, War, Water Blood, Fear, Ferocity, Ice Warhammer Polar bear
Kurofu the Shadow CE Oni, samaran, tengu Air, Darkness, Death, Evil Loss, Murder, Night, Oni Chakram Crow
Lord Grunzol Firestorm LE Giants, lizardfolk, nomads Evil, Fire, Law, Sun Day, Fear, Light, Loyalty Spiked armor Horned lizard
Najim NE Derro, sentient oozes; potentially astronomers, inventors, seekers of forbidden knowledge Artifice, Earth, Knowledge, Void Dark Tapestry, Metal, Stars, Thought Aklys Firefly
Poison Wave NE Aquatic humanoids, explorers, pirates Evil, Travel, Water, Weather Exploration, Oceans, Seasons, Trade Harpoon Marlin
S’sluun, Naga Empress LE Naga, royalty, serpentfolk Evil, Nobility, Scalykind, Water Devil, Dragon, Leadership, Naga Sawtooth sabre Water moccasin
Wind of Jewels NE Desert dwellers, nomads, treasure hunters Air, Evil, Luck, Repose Ancestors, Curse, Fate, Wind Shuriken Golden eagle

* It goes without saying that the zendiqi people and elementals still worship the elemental lords and receive divine gifts from them even though the Elemental Lords were defeated in the NewGod Wars.