Duke Melektus (Arch-devil)
The White Twin, Doctor Infernus
Favored Twin Son of Sathax
Worshippers: architects, doctors, courtiers and sadists, necromancers
Minions: giant leeches, kahrn, parasitic monsters, undead
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Domains: Evil, Healing, Law
Subdomains: Devil, Loyalty, Medicine
Lower Realm Dominated: Sputimius, the Fifth
Favored Weapon: Lance
Favored Animal: Leech
Favored Instrument: Viol
Use leeches to drain a cup of blood into a vessel or into stagnant water. Write your secret failings in the dirt or on a mirror with blood, confess it, then erase it. Gain a +4 profane bonus on saves vs. poison.
1. Patients’ Price (Sp): infernal healing 3/day, blinding ray 2/day or appearance of life 1/day.
2. Parasitic Penetration (Su): Once per day with a successful touch attack, you can infest a living creature with foul worms unless the target makes a Fortitude save (DC 10 + 1/2 your HD + your Constitution modifier). These parasites retain an unholy link to you, draining that creature’s energy and transferring it to you. This infestation persists for 10 rounds, during which you act as if hasted and the infested victim is staggered. These parasites count as a disease effect.
3. Eternal Servant(Ex): You gain the undead type and the ability to use Command Undead a number of times per day equal to 3 plus your Charisma modifier. No unintelligent undead can attack or harm you in any way.

A millennium after the semidivine birth of Hadriel, Sathax furthered his plans and ambitions and engendered twin sons with his Queen. An efficient process, so he reasoned, and they were, in the logic of the Lower Realms, mirror images of each other. The ‘light’ twin, named Melektus, was coerced, manipulated and molded by his infernal parents to be a false beacon to gullible mortals, and thus draw more power to the Seven Circles. Melektus is entirely Sathax’s creature, with only his personal flaws and insecurities to give him a distinct personality, which plays perfectly into his portfolio of appearance over substance, and pretense over real accomplishment. Melektus does little without Sathax’s approval or permission, though he does skirmish with his hated brother Mastema and haughty sister Hadriel occasionally.

Melektus’ cult is one of faddishness and false popularity, of looking better than one feels and maintaining pretenses of power at all costs, if you have none of your own. This attitude is actually written into doctrine, a flashy pamphlet-like “unholy book” called The Power of Healing which white-robed Melektites hand out to anyone who stands still long enough. Cults of the Doctor Infernal spring up, surge, and scatter, spreading steadily but raggedly across the land while their leaders dole out small amounts of healing in exchange for large sums of money that are funneled into larger Hell-based projects, given outright to armies loyal to Sathax, or embezzled by Melektite devil-worshippers, an acceptable practice if you don’t overdo it and get horribly tortured by an eager Mastemite. The followers of Melektus are the leading Infernal practitioners of undead animation.

Spell Preparation Ritual
The rituals of Mastema are quite similar to those of the Dark Father, Sathax, though the altar must be smaller and is typically made of stainless metal; many Melektites carry a large steel shield for this purpose in the field.