Dreamstone: Dreamstone looks almost like a pale green crystal to the untrained eye, but can be worked as iron despite its appearance. It is associated with abjuration magic, dreamers, and musicians. The Voyant Cathedrals of the Dreamspeaker in the City of Argentum are decorated with beautiful artistic works made from dreamstone.

Dreamstone is light—half as heavy as iron, yet just as strong. More importantly, dreamstone is strangely resistant to magic. An object made of dreamstone gains a +4 bonus on any saving throw made against a magical source. Creating a magic item that incorporates any amount of dreamstone into it increases the price of creation by 5,000 gp, as costly reagents and alchemical supplies must be used to treat the metal during the process.

Weapons made of dreamstone weigh half as much as normal, and gain a +1 enhancement bonus on damage rolls against constructs, magically created undead, and summoned creatures. Dreamstone armor weighs half as much as other armors of its type, and is treated as one category lighter than normal for the purposes of movement and other limitations (light armor is still treated as light armor, though). The armor’s maximum Dexterity bonus increases by 2, and armor check penalties are reduced by 3. The armor’s spell failure chance increases by 20% and applies to all magic cast while wearing the armor, regardless of the magic’s source or class abilities possessed by the wearer. The wearer of a suit of dreamtime armor gains a +2 resistance bonus on all saving throws against spells and spell-like abilities. A shield of dreamstone does not add a resistance bonus to saving throws or reduce spell failure but it adds a +2 deflection bonus from spells and spell-like abilities that equire a ranged touch attack.

Dreamstone has 30 hit points per inch of thickness and hardness 10. Dreamstone ore is worth 50 gp per pound.

Type of Dreamstone Item Item Cost Modifier
Light Armor +4,000 gp
Medium Armor +8,000 gp
Heavy Armor +12,000 gp
Shield +2,000 gp
Weapons +500 gp