Aura moderate necromancy; CL 7th
Slot none; Price 327 gp; Weight by missile or weapon
These weapon points are usually used on arrows, bolts, javelins or throwing spears. They are unusual in that they are often a solid color or appear to be made of a precious metal, but are in fact shaped from dragon scale. The secret to making dragonpoints is a closely guarded secret held only by a few but they are manufactured in surprising numbers.

A dragonpointed weapon is a +1 weapon that also inflicts 1 point of elemental damage as appropriate to the dragon it was taken from. Each is good for only one attack. While they are sharp, they are also brittle. When used against a dragon, the dragonpoint is much more dangerous, for against a dragon it is a +1 keen wounding weapon that ignores up to 3 points of natural armor.
Requirements Craft Magical Arms and Armor, inflict serious wounds or vampiric touch, keen edge; Cost 167 gp