Digiti of the Primitus Codion (“Titus’ Toes”)
Slot none; Aura strong ‘lawful good’; see detect evil
CL 20th; Weight
There are, naturally, ten of these holy relics of the first Codion of the goddess Gerana, and it is strict church doctrine that all ten made it to Porphyra with The Calling, though that may not necessarily be true. The cult of personality around Titus Primitus and his devotion to the Divine Arbitress has long survived the World-That-Was, and the presence of a digiti in a temple, or in the possession of a trusted and fortunate servant of the Church is an event, indeed. An individual digiti of the Primitus Codion is an actual toe-bone with a gilded hole drilled though it, for thin chain or thread. An evil character suffers an immediate penalty of 1 negative level if they touch a digiti barehanded, it will do nothing for a neutral character. They are said to glow softly in the darkness, as a light spell that cannot be suppressed. A good owner can also cast bless once per day. Consult the chart below as to the effects of ownership, and multiple acquisition.

# of digiti in possession Effect
1 +1 to heal/harm with channeling/lay on hands
2 +2 to heal/harm with channeling/lay on hands
3 +3 to heal/harm with channeling/lay on hands
4 +4 to heal/harm with channeling/lay on hands
5 Can cast hallow by leaving a digiti in a location; +10 to movement speed, +1 sacred bonus to Charisma
6 +1 to divine caster level
7 +2 to divine caster level
8 +3 to divine caster level
9 +4 to divine caster level
10 Automatic compulsion (see below); constant freedom of movement; can cast arrow of law 10 times/day

If a possessor has all ten of the digiti of the Primitus Codion, they will constantly seek to bring identified criminals to justice, and to punish accused and proven lawbreakers.
All ten digiti of the Primitus Codion must be consumed by a chaotic evil lich that has slain the sitting Codion.