Content from Protean Lords of Porphyra

Crown of Fickle Strength
Aura strong (no school); CL 17th
Slot head; Price 40,000 gp; Weight 3 lbs.
This silvery circlet rests upon its wearer’s head, albeit not actually touching but floating precisely an inch above, as well as projecting a diffuse cloud of illusory symbols in Protean like those of a keketar’s crown. While wearing the crown, each day a different illusory symbol becomes more defined, manifesting in the rough shape of an ioun stone superimposed on that symbol, and granting that ioun stone’s standard powers. At the start of each day, roll a d20 to determine which power of the crown is granted. The powers listed in the table below are examples, and each individual crown of fickle strength may have wildly different potential powers.

Roll Ioun Stone
1 Amber Spindle
2 Amethyst Pyramid
3 Crimson Sphere
4 Dark Blue Rhomboid
5 Deep Red Sphere
6 Dusty Rose Prism
7 Eastern Star
8 Gamboge Nodule
9 Incandescent Blue Sphere
10 Iridescent Spindle
11 Mulberry Pentacle
12 Onyx Rhomboid
13 Orange Prism
14 Pale Green Prism
15 Pale Orange Rhomboid
16 Pink and Green Sphere
17 Pink Rhomboid
18 Scarlet and Blue Sphere
19 Vibrant Purple Prism
20 Western Star

Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, creator must be 12th level, creator must be chaotic; Cost 20,000 gp