0-Level Covenant Mage Spells—bleed, dancing lights, daze, detect magic, detect poison, detect psychic significance, disrupt undead, ghost sound, grave words, guidance, haunted fey aspect, know direction, light, mage hand, mending, message, open/close, prestidigitation, read magic, resistance, sift, stabilize, telekinetic projectile, touch of fatigue, unwitting ally, virtue.

1st-Level Covenant Mage Spells—adjuring step, alarm, animate rope, anticipate peril, auditory hallucination, bane, barbed chain, bloodbath, borrow skill, break, bungle, calm animals, cause fear, charge object, charm person, chill touch, command, compel hostility, comprehend languages, conditional favor, cultural adaptation, dancing lantern, daze monster, deathwatch, decrepit disguise, delusional pride, demand offering, detect secret doors, detect snares and pits, detect chaos/good/evil/law, diagnose disease, discern next of kin, disguise self, disguise weapon, doom, endure elements, fabricate disguise, faerie fire, feather fall, floating disk, forbid action, fumbletongue, grasping corpse, grease, hedging weapons, heightened awareness, hide from undead, hold portal, hypnotism, identify, ill omen, interrogation, invisibility alarm, jitterbugs, jump, karmic blessing, lesser confusion, liberating command, line in the sand, linebreaker, lock gaze, mage armor, magic mouth, magic stone, magic weapon, memorize page, memory lapse, mind thrust I, mindlink, murderous command, negative reaction, obscure object, paranoia, persuasive goad, protection from chaos/evil/good/law, psychic reading, quintessence, remove fear, restful sleep, returning weapon, sanctify corpse, see alignment, silent image, sow thought, sundering shards, telempathic projection, theft ward, thunderstomp, touch of combustion, undetectable alignment, unprepared combatant, unseen servant, ventriloquism, wrath.

2nd-Level Covenant Mage Spells—absurdity, adoration, air step, amplify stench, ancestral regression, animal purpose training, animal trance, anonymous interaction, anticipate thoughts, apport object, arcane lock, aversion, babble, bless, blessing of luck and resolve, blindness/deafness, blistering invective, boneshaker, buoyancy, burning gaze, calm emotions, calm spirit, catatonia, chill metal, codespeak, command undead, communal endure elements, communal returning weapon, commune with birds, compassionate ally, consecrate, control vermin, darkness, death candle, death knell, desecrate, detect anxieties, detect desires, detect mindscape, detect thoughts, disguise other, divine favor, dress corpse, enemy’s heart, enshroud thoughts, enthrall, expeditious retreat, false belief, find traps, flickering lights, focused scrutiny, ghost whip, ghost wolf, ghostbane dirge, ghostly disguise, glide, greater detect magic, guiding star, haunting mists, heat metal, hidden presence, hideous laughter, hold animal, hold person, honeyed tongue, howling agony, id insinuation I, imbue with elemental might, inflict pain, instigate psychic duel, investigative mind, invisibility, knock, lesser object possession, levitate, life pact, locate object, mad hallucination, magic boulder, mental block, mind thrust II, minor dream, mirror hideaway, misdirection, object reading, oneiric horror, open book, oppressive boredom, perceive cues, phantom driver, phantom steed, pilfering hand, communal protection from chaos/communal protection from evil/communal protection from good/communal protection from law, purge spirit, qualm, reckless infatuation, rope trick, sacred space, scare, see invisibility, sense fear, sense madness, sentry skull, shadow anchor, share memory, shatter, shield of faith, shield other, speak with animals, spectral hand, spider climb, spiritual weapon, status, steal breath, steal voice, stunning barrier, suggestion, tongues, touch of idiocy, true strike, unadulterated loathing, unnatural lust, unshakable chill, voluminous vocabulary, vomit swarm, water walk, whispering lore, whispering wind, wind wall, zone of truth.

3rd-Level Covenant Mage Spells—ablative barrier, adjustable disguise, agonize, agonizing rebuke, air walk, analyze aura, animate dead, appearance of life, apport animal, arcane sight, audiovisual hallucination, aura of cannibalism, aura of doom, aura sight, banish seeming, battle trance, bear’s endurance, bestow curse, borrow corruption, bull’s strength, cackling skull, cast out, cat’s grace, chain of perdition, charm monster, communal phantom steed, communal spider climb, communal tongues, communal water walk, condensed ether, confusion, contingent action, control summoned creature, crushing despair, damnation, daylight, deeper darkness, demanding message, dimensional anchor, disable construct, dispel magic, eagle’s splendor, ectoplasmic snare, ego whip, enchantment foil, ethereal fists, extreme flexibility, false future, fear, fester, flesh puppet, fly, fox’s cunning, greater magic weapon, greater oneiric horror, greater thunderstomp, halt undead, haunting choir, healing thief, helping hand, heroism, hostile levitation, id insinuation II, invisibility purge, invisibility sphere, isolate, lesser geas, lesser spellcrash, locate weakness, magic circle against chaos/magic circle against evil/magic circle against good/magic circle against law, malicious spite, marionette possession, mass ghostbane dirge, matchmaker, mental-barrier-i, meticulous match, mindlocked messenger, mindscape door, miserable pity, nereid’s grace, overwhelming grief, owl’s wisdom, pack empathy, phantasmal affliction, phantom chariot, pierce disguise, placebo effect, prayer, rage, raging rubble, ray of exhaustion, rest eternal, riding possession, screaming flames, screech, sealed life, seek thoughts, selective alarm, sessile spirit, sleepwalking suggestion, speak with dead, speak with haunt, spiritual ally, synaptic pulse, synaptic scramble, telekinetic charge, telekinetic maneuver, terrible remorse, thaumaturgic circle, they know, thought shield i, trade items, transfer regeneration, triggered suggestion, twilight knife, unliving rage, urban step, vision of hell, wandering star motes, witness.

4th-Level Covenant Mage Spells—animate objects, anti-incorporeal shell, aura alteration, ban corruption, battlemind link, blink, chaos hammer, command plants, communal air walk, compelling rant, conditional curse, conjuration foil, contagious zeal, coward’s lament, curse of disgust, curse of the outcast, death ward, debilitating portent, detect scrying, dimension door, discern lies, dismissal, dispel chaos/evil/good/law, dominate person, dreadscape, earth glide, ego whip II, enemy hammer, entrap spirit, envious urge, erase impressions, ethereal envelope, etheric shards, expel spirits, feast on fear, flesh puppet horde, flesh wall, freedom of movement, ghost brand, glimpse of truth, good hope, greater interrogation, greater stunning barrier, hallucinatory terrain, hold monster, hollow heroism, holy smite, hunger for flesh, hypercognition, id insinuation III, impossible angles, lesser globe of invulnerability, locate creature, mad sultan’s melody, mage’s faithful hound, magic jar, mantle of calm, mass charm person, mass daze, mental barrier II, mind probe, mind swap, mind thrust III, mindwipe, mirror transport, modify memory, nondetection, object possession, order’s wrath, overland flight, paragon surge, pessimism, phantasmal asphyxiation, phantasmal killer, possess object, possession, primal scream, remove curse, repel vermin, resist energy, sending, shadow step, shared wrath, sleepwalk, smug narcissism, spellsteal, summoner conduit, telekinesis, telepathic bond, telepathy, thought shield II, thoughtsense, threefold aspect, trace teleport, truespeak, unholy blight, vile dog transformation, wall of blindness/deafness.

5th-Level Covenant Mage Spells—analyze dweomer, banishment, blessing of fervor, blood ties, break enchantment, charnel house, circle of death, communal resist energy, control plants, control undead, create mindscape, crime wave, damnation stride, decapitate, disrupting weapon, divine power, dream, ego whip III, ethereal envelopment, ethereal jaunt, false vision, feeblemind, foster hatred, greater command, greater dispel magic, greater forbid action, greater invisibility, greater object possession, greater synaptic pulse, hellmouth lash, id insinuation IV, incorporeal chains, intellect fortress I, joyful rapture, locate gate, mage’s decree, major curse, mass inflict pain, mass suggestion, mental barrier III, mind fog, mind thrust IV, mirage arcana, nightmare, old salt’s curse, phantasmal putrefaction, phantasmal web, phobia, planar adaptation, plane shift, planeslayer’s call, power word blind, pox of rumors, primal regression, protection from energy, psychic crush, remote viewing, repress memory, repulsion, resilient reservoir, seeming, sequester, serenity, shadow walk, song of discord, spawn ward, spellcrash, spirit-bound blade, thought shield III, true seeing, undeath to death, unwilling shield, utter contempt, vengeful outrage, wall of ectoplasm, waves of fatigue, wind blades, wither limb.

6th-Level Covenant Mage Spells—alleviate corruption, antimagic field, bow spirit, circle of clarity, cloak of dreams, communal protection from energy, confine spirits, create undead, cruel jaunt, demand, dimensional lock, dominate monster, dream council, dream scan, dust ward, ectoplasmic eruption, ego whip IV, etherealness, eyebite, fool’s forbiddance, globe of invulnerability, greater arcane sight, greater false vision, greater heroism, greater possession, greater scrying, greater sealed life, insanity, intellect fortress II, mage’s sword, mass blessing of luck and resolve, mass charm monster, mass demanding message, mass fester, mass fly, mass hold person, mass planar adaptation, maze, mental barrier IV, mind blank, mind thrust V, night terrors, nine lives, overwhelming presence, path of the winds, phantasmal revenge, power word stun, project image, psychic crush II, reverse gravity, spell turning, telekinetic storm, temporary resurrection, thought shield IV, tower of iron will I, triggered hallucination, unshakable zeal, veil, waves of ecstasy, withdraw affliction.