Clockwork Lands
“What was once a paradise has been transformed by greed into a hell. This is what the corporations call progress.” -Ovin Trastapotal, elan traveling bard

Capital: Crucible
Settlements: Beta (The Enclave, 1,000+), Crucible (27,300), Gaytes (27, 900), Pyroness (29,600), Havacord (28,900), Treadwell (11,200)
Ruler: Dr. Heinrich Brandeburg, CEO of Gaytes Enterprises
Government: Plutocratic Technocracy
Races: Blue, Boggle, Dromite, Dwarf, Eventual, Gnome, Goblin, Half-Giant, Human
Faiths: Linium, Eshsalqua
Resources: Fossil fuels, metals (copper, iron, tin), machinery, robotics
Languages: Common, Dwarven, Giant, Goblin, Gnome
Border Conditions: Restricted (Irregular border within the Clockwork Lands; Enclave fully-enclosed)

There is little known about the area annexed by the Clockwork Lands before Linium brought his pride and joy to Porphyra. Beyond that it was a verdant region with tall cliffs that overlooked the sea, and a mild climate. The arrival of the Clockwork Lands changed that. Coming from a rapidly plundered jungle world, it brought tropical breezes, cities, and an industrious workforce ready to revel in the treasures that nature and the new world, had provided them. The vast Red Cliffs
that overlooked the new Land were inhabited by a large hive of dromites swiftly absorbed into the nation, as was the rich iron, copper and tin deposits within. The new territory provided hardwoods, coal, and petroleum to fuel the factories.

When it Landed, the Clockwork Lands were in turmoil. The rigid caste system that had existed in the old world was showing cracks, as workers, seeing new opportunities, began to organize. The four major Corporations, Gaytes Enterprises, Havacord Mechanics, Imperial Dynamics, and Crucible Industries were at war. It is thought that Linium’s Calling was a ploy to divert the espionage, assassination, thievery, and sabotage that was happening. Minor corporations were looking for blood in the water, and Imperial Dynamics was dealing with a feud between the CEO, Magnus Galwater, and the largest stockholder, Emual Pyron. Linium’s Land helped little with the NewGod War, and hard-line deist nations such as the Middle Kingdoms and Iffud have never forgotten it.

The tipping point came when Crucible unveiled the Mark I Multipurpose Golem, a seemingly inexhaustible robot that could switch from worker to soldier almost instantly. It put Crucible in firm control of the Clockwork Lands, aided by the fact that they supported Pyron in his takeover bid. Old Pyron, his native city, was burned to ashes, but the new city of Pyroness became the district government of the annexed lands to the west. The Mark 1s became the police force for the nation, and are also used to patrol the border with the nefarious Empire of the Dead to the east.

By the time the Mark 5s entered the market, most menial labor and assembly was being done by golems. The lower classes complained of lack of jobs and poor living conditions, exacerbated by the influx of refugees from Porphyra. A sorcerer from the worker caste, Koseem Treadwell, began to gather followers in the west by demonstrating his Null Gauntlets, a magic device that could make golems inert. For a time it seemed that the days of the Corporations were numbered, but greed would be the undoing of the Progressives. Treadwell and his partner, the Blue artificer Xevid Gozen, sold the secrets of the Null Gauntlets to the Corporations in return for enough capital to get a city started in the west, and Treadwell Industries off the ground.

Current Events
The Corporations keep heavy-handed control over the Clockwork Lands. The streets are kept quiet by golem sentries, and malcontents are threatened with being shipped off to The Enclave, the black-box research colony on the far-off Land of Steam. The Enclave is otherwise rarely mentioned anywhere, as there is a reason for it being so far away. Of the many ships at the port of Gaytes, ships bound for and returning from The Enclave are blank white.

The executive caste (Exec) is made up of the masters and boards members of the Corporations. They are the government of the Clockwork Lands, and their word is law. The life of a citizen (Citz) is one of corporate sponsored consumption and leisure where they are waited on by golem servants that see to their needs. Psionic negotiators (Sikes) are the public face of the Corporations. They are psionically gifted and are both feared and revered. They are currently in favor due to the favorable treaty with Azag-Ithiel to the west. The artificers (Ficers) are showered with praise and worship, true celebrities. They are beholden to their employers, but tend to bend and shape the rules as they see fit. The Worker caste does demanding physical labor such as mining for little reward, and may only advance by volunteering for the army. The religious caste (Clerks) maintains Linium’s balance of keeping their rich patrons happy, and seeing to the well-being of the less fortunate. The casteless (Grubs) make a living best they can, mostly at recycling hazardous materials and doing “dirty work” for the Corporations.

The major settlements of the Clockwork Lands are:

Beta is the rumored name of the offshore research facility in The Enclave, with a rotated staff of bonded artificers and arcane specialists. Its secrets are heavily guarded by all involved, and no other information is forthcoming.

Crucible is the capital of the Clockwork Lands, HQ of Crucible Industries, and center for golem design. It is the hub of the Rail Carriage mass transit system, which always runs on time, like everything in Crucible.

Gaytes, the City by the Sea, is a beautiful metropolis of glowing buildings, posh casinos, and sparkling night life. It is the HQ of Gaytes Enterprises, which makes personal magic items for the home. It is also the center for sports such as golem fighting and arena dueling.

Havacord is said to have three golems for every citizen. This gleaming city of machines is the heart of education for the Clockwork Lands. Havacord Mechanics produces tools and information systems, as well as educated specialists in many classes.

Pyroness, the Phoenix City, which rose from the ashes of corrupt Pyron, is the new face of Imperial Dynamics. Pyroness is the forefront of alchemical and medical research, and produces miracles in both areas. The largest temple to Forgefather towers here, visited by many dwarves from all over Porphyra.

Treadwell, called the City of Traitors by some, is a city of hard smiles and wary attitudes. Treadwell produces top of the line weapons and defense items, and military magic gear. They will sell to any and all that can pay, and are very unhappy with the Jheriak embargo.


  • There is a rumor that in the city of Treadwell there was a golem that said ‘no’. An urban legend and a trope of Linite scripture, the idea of golems evolving both fascinates and terrifies the Clockwork Landers. The city masters admit there was a theft of a prototype golem, but will say no more on the matter.
  • The Ultimate CEO, Brandenburg, secured leadership of the Technocracy by presenting an anti-gravity auto-abacus called the Calculatrix. A development period is expected after the prototype is presented, but that time has ended… Sikes of GE have informed the PCs that the Calculatrix prototype has been stolen, and Corporation employees cannot be seen searching for it. The party will have to disguise themselves as Grubs to investigate the theft and recovery.
  • Stories of cults are commonplace in the Clockwork Lands, especially those of Eshsalqua, who promises advancement in the rigid caste system for dark deeds done. A captured Agent is being processed by zealous Clerks in a Pyroness sanitarium, but a dromite seer has come to the PCs with the foreknowledge that it is all an Eshsalquan plot, and the Agent is part of a plot within the sanitarium itself. Time is short before the grim vision comes true.

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