Blue Wand of Given Life
Slot none; Aura strong conjuration and transmutation;
CL 18th; Weight
This item appears as a standard-sized wand made of blue, fused sand, and it leaves a trail of glittering particles when it is moved. It can cast many spells (including all cantrips, one per round) and has the special purpose of creating a semblance of life in beloved carved objects. The blue wand of given life can cast summon nature’s ally I once per hour, and can summon 1d6 creatures of the minor nature’s ally with the same spell use. Once per day the owner of the wand can cast beast shape I and beast shape II on themselves. The wand-holder can always speak with animals while holding the wand. The blue wand of given life can cast the spell awaken (but with a casting time of 1 round) once per month; for this purpose, a ‘tree’ can be any object made completely out of wood. Also once per month, the wand can animate objects with permanency on a Small or smaller object, articulated or not; no gp cost is incurred in this procedure.
The wielder of the wand will avoid taking a life at all costs, even those of insects. If some action they perform does take a life, the wielder is shaken for a number of hours equal to the victim’s CR.
The blue wand of given life can only be destroyed by being crushed by masses of live crickets.