Werebat-Kin (Bloodmarked)
Those skinwalkers known as bloodmarked are a hungry lot—their predilection for blood is matched only by their flock mentality and adherence to strict hierarchy.

Ancestry werebat
Typical Alignment NE
Ability Modifiers +2 Int, –2 Wis (+2 Dex while shapechanged)
Alternate Skill Modifiers Fly, Perception at night
Alternate Spell-Like Ability obscuring mist 1/day

Bestial Features
• Bite attack that deals 1d6 points of damage
• +4 racial bonus on Perception checks
• Scent to a range of 30 feet
• Treat falling damage as 20 feet less than it actually is

Bloodmarked, like werebats, are generally communal and often defer readily to their superiors within their flocks or even other leaders or employers. They tend to be gregarious yet savage, and enjoy using their unassuming natural forms to trick others before revealing their true bestial powers. Bloodmarked reveal their human ancestry in their ability to break from the group, make their own choices, and associate with humans without trying to force their way of life upon them, although troublemakers are strongly frowned upon and find it hard to get any other werebat-kin to take their side if in opposition to the group.

Like werebats, bloodmarked are fond of elaborate social ceremonies that strengthen group cohesion and loyalty. Werebat-kin ceremonies often involve wearing bat skins, sacrificing animals or humanoids, and drinking blood. Werebat-kin are most commonly found near dense forests and jungles. With little trust for outsiders, werebat-kin often form insular communities at the fringes of civilized societies, with each bloodmarked being loyal to every member of the community and whichever leader has bested all challengers. Like other skinwalkers, however, bloodmarked are typically born into societies that don’t include others of their kind, and these individuals are inclined to seek out surrogate f locks, generally in the form of violent gangs, tight-knit adventuring parties, or even insular academic circles, according to the individual’s disposition. Bloodmarked are generally tall and slight, with dark hair and severe features. Poor eyesight is relatively common among werebat-kin, though they often hear and smell well enough to make up for it.

Werebat-Kin Characters: A werebat-kin’s true nature generally manifests shortly before or during puberty, first in the form of a sudden sharpness of hearing that makes even normal conversation painful until the werebat-kin grows accustomed to it. Because of their superficial similarities to vampires and werewolves, bloodmarked are often subjects of fear and derision by ordinary humans even if those people are unfamiliar with werebats or werebat-kin. Those who do know of them treat bloodmarked little better, since few people are comfortable with the domineering culture and unsavory heritage of these skinwalkers.

Bloodmarked have a strong instinct to associate with others of their kind, often joining criminal gangs and almost always forming lasting affiliations of some sort. They also have a natural hunger for blood and a cruelly hedonistic undercurrent to their society, luring many into a lifestyle that is self-indulgent at the expense of others. Bloodmarked who fail to keep in touch with the decadent culture of their kin often become adventurers because they enjoy the close bonds that form within a party over time as its members save each other’s lives and work as a team. They excel at roguish pursuits, if only for the bloodshed such activities promise, though most werebat-kin adventurers take to the arts of tactical fighting and wizardry.