One of the lightest and toughest woods on Porphyra, offering a measure of strength and natural waterproofing not found in other types of wood, blackwood is an increasingly rare commodity. Lumber and items made of blackwood are quite valuable and difficult to obtain. Below are the details of blackwood, followed by a sampling of mundane items created from this special material.

Blackwood: Any wooden or mostly wooden item (such as a bow or quarterstaff) made from blackwood is considered a masterwork item and weighs only half as much as a normal wooden item of that type. Items not normally made of wood or only partially of wood (such as a battleaxe, mace, or other metal item with a wooden haft) either cannot be made from blackwood or do not gain any special benefit. The armor check penalty of a blackwood shield is reduced by 2 compared to an ordinary shield of its type. When wielded against creatures with the water subtype, mundane blackwood weapons ignore 1 point of the creature’s DR (if any), and enchanted blackwood weapons ignore a number of DR equal to 2 times the weapon’s enhancement bonus. To determine the price of a blackwood item, use the original weight but add 20 gp per pound to the price of a masterwork version of that item. Blackwood has 10 hit points per inch of thickness and hardness 7.