This great grazing beast is covered with short, greenish-yellow fur and sports three vicious tusks.

Bhorloth (CR 4; XP 1,200)


N Large animal
Init +0; Senses low-light vision; Perception +7
AC 14, touch 9, flat-footed 14
(+5 natural, -1 size)
hp 45 (6d8+18)
Fort +8, Ref +5, Will +0
Speed 40 ft.
Melee gore +8 (1d8+7)
Space 10 ft.; Reach 5 ft.
Special Attacks blood rage, stampede, trample (2d6+7; R-DC 17)
Str 20, Dex 10, Con 17, Int 2, Wis 7, Cha 5
Base Atk +4; CMB +10; CMD 20 (24 vs. trip)
Feats Endurance, Power Attack, Run
Skills Perception +7
Environment hills, plains
Organization solitary, herd
Treasure none
Special Abilities
Stampede (Ex) A stampede occurs if three or more creatures with stampede make a trample attack while remaining adjacent to each other. While stampeding, the creatures can trample foes of their size or smaller, and the trample’s save DC increases by +2.

Bhorloth are three-tusked mammals similar to bison, trained to work fields and as mounts. Bhorloth average 10 feet high at the shoulder and 15 feet long, and weigh close to 2,000 pounds. A bhorloth’s mouth is wide, filled with dull teeth and bordered by a large tusk on either side. A third tusk grows from a bhorloth’s chin. Bhorloth have tiny yellow eyes, and their consequentially poor vision– combined with an under-developed olfactory sense–leaves them reliant on their bulk to overcome obstacles.

Bhorloth are herbivores, feeding on shrubs and foliage, and going so far as to uproot small trees with their tusks to bring down higher branches. They migrate in herds of twenty or more, and give birth to live young every two to three years. Wild bhorloth are temperamental and fierce, and regard most other creatures as potential threats. Extremely territorial, they attempt to drive out any trespassers who venture into their domains. Domesticated bhorloth are usually kept in stone-fenced fields on the outskirts of towns and cities. Attempts to stable the beasts can lead to disastrous consequences, with bhorloth breaking free and rampaging through entire city blocks before being brought under control. Once trained, bhorloth are often used to help till fields or dig trenches. Particularly well-trained examples can be fitted with bridles and razored tusk coverings in times of war.

On Porphyra
Bhorloths are common along the Lotus Blossom Steppes where they are often herded by the humans and samsarans of the region. Some half-rakshasa have taken to selecting bloroth as their mounts.

Bhorloth Animal Companions
Starting Statistics: Size Medium; Speed 40 ft.; AC +1 natural armor, Attack gore (1d6); Ability Scores Str 14, Dex 12, Con 12, Int 2, Wis 11, Cha 4; Special Qualities low-light vision.
7th-Level Advancement: Size Large; AC +3 natural armor; Attack gore (1d8); Ability Scores Str +8, Dex –2, Con +4; Special Qualities blood rage, trample.