Assassin’s Friend
Aura moderate illusion and transmutation; CL 7th
Slot none; Price 10,500 gp; Weight 2 lbs
This dull gray hand crossbow is of a simple and efficient style; there is nothing extra or wasted in its design. What is not immediately obvious is that it can be broken down into three parts: bow, body and grip. Two bolts can be stored inside the body but they cannot be accessed once the crossbow is assembled. It is surprisingly easy to hide when it is disassembled

Disassembling the weapon takes three rounds, while preparing it for use takes a full minute. While broken down it adds a +8 bonus to Sleight of Hand checks to conceal the weapon. Assembled it is a +2 hand crossbow, but the lack of sights gives it a -1 penalty to attack and damage. Three times a day assassin’s friend can make a bolt shot from it a silencing bolt that muffles any sound
the target makes (add a +20 to the DC of any Perception check to hear anything the target does) for 1d3 rounds.
Requirements Craft Magic Arms and Armor, cat’s grace, major image; Cost 5,500 gp