A’sevelix the Devouring Obsequies
The Lord of Entropy, The Cyclical Wyrm
Worshipers: Dragons, executioners, iconoclasts
Alignment: CN
Domains: Chaos, Death, Destruction, Scalykind
Subdomains: Catastrophe, Dragon, Murder, Protean
Favored Weapon: Scythe
Favored Creature: None
Favored Instrument: Gittern


The Lord of Entropy was among the first of its kind to manifest upon the face of Porphyra, and the one whose actions were most obvious and immediate. His followers claim that the Great Chasm north of Nor-Du-Mag formed when A’sevelix first appeared, dragging his scythe across the earth, leveling mountains, blotting out the noon-day sun with dust and ash, and obliterating three entire elementalist garrison cities.

One of the eldest and greatest of the Protean Lords, even before the rise of the Elemental Lords, A’sevelix claims to have initiated the changes in the substance of the primordial Chaos that allowed their genesis and rise to power. In time however, lest the world become sterile and static, A’sevelix appeared again, drawing the gaze of his brethren among the distant, alien minds of the Slithering Symphony.

Fearsome and terrible, the Cyclical Wyrm manifests as a flame-blackened skeleton of shifting race carrying a gleaming quicksilver scythe and riding atop the back of an iridescent sooty-skinned magma primal dragon with mirrored eyes. As the shape of the skeletal rider changes to match the race of those viewing it, the Lord of Entropy may not be this figure, but rather the omnipresent, darkly iridescent draconic mount.

Curiously, the Lord of Entropy vanished in the midst of the NewGod wars, something wildly inconsistent with its earlier actions which uniformly carried all of the subtlety of a roaring hurricane. Some scholars suggest that the fickle entity simply grew tired of the mortal world and departed back to the raw Chaos of Limbo, though his clergy claim otherwise. While the Cyclical Wyrm left events on the mortal plane to his kindred, he followed and hunted the retreating Elemental Lords for sport, obliterating at least three now nameless members of their kind and crippling two others –with many whispering that his hand was in the mysterious fate of the vanished or imprisoned Poison Wave– so as to prolong their absence from the world.


The followers of the now largely distant Lord of Entropy are few in number and largely isolated to a cult among the erkunae in G’sho’laa’n’rr the City of Dreams. Eschewing elaborate dress and pomp, they paint their bodies black and tattoo their flesh with motes of color, mimicking the iridescence of their patron’s primal dragon mount. Upon reaching an age where their health and physical abilities begin to decline –surely a sign of the touch of Entropy itself– they emulate A’sevelix’s departure and embark on a personal and suicidal hunt against the followers of any openly lawful group or religion, slaying as many as possible in whatever way they choose before finally perishing.

Spell Preparation Ritual

In the end, everything succumbs to the ever-gnawing onslaught of entropy. Mountains crumble to sand, flesh weakens, and even the sidereal furnaces in the heavens flicker and fade. Devotees of the Cyclical Wyrm acknowledge this by breaking a created object, snapping a living branch, or shedding their own blood.

Religion Traits

The following traits are available to followers of A’sevelix:
Entropic Resonance: You understand that nothing lasts forever, and delight in destruction in A’sevelix’s name. You gain a +2 trait bonus to attempts to sunder, break, or burst items, weapons, or armor.
Entropic Spells: Even powerful bulwarks against magic must eventually fall. Once per day you can re-roll a failed caster level check to overcome spell resistance.

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