The power of transmutation is evident in magical oils and pastes that alter the properties of objects when applied. Alchemists can choose any of the following anointings in place of a normal discovery.

  • An alchemist can use any of the anointings he knows a total number of times per day equal to 3 + his alchemist level. Unless an anointing specifies otherwise, all anointings require a standard action to apply (this provokes attacks of opportunity) and last for 1 minute per alchemist level.
  • Investigators can choose any of these discoveries with the alchemist discovery investigator talent.
  • Clerics with the artifice domain can select an anointing in place of their 8th-level domain ability.
  • Transmuter wizards can gain anointings in place of wizard bonus feats.
  • Witches with transformation patrons can gain a single anointing in place of a major hex. In each of these cases, the character treats levels in the class used to select the anointing as his alchemist level for all relevant anointing calculations.

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