Father, He Who Eats No Kin, “Man Who Cuts”
Worshippers: Ith’n ya’roo, coastal barbarians, Sikoyans
Alignment: Neutral
Domains: Animal, Death, Strength, Water
Subdomains: Ferocity, Fur, Ice, Psychopomp
Favoured Weapon: hooked axe
Favored Animal: dog (husky)
Favored Instrument: Guiro

In the strangely synchronous world-creation stories of the northern human peoples and the monstrous ith’n ya’roo, Father Anguta (or He Who Eats No Kin to the ith’n ya’roo) was a primordial being who tried to chop one of his children up as bait for fish to feed his large family- or as food, so the ith’n ya’roo believe. The fingers and limbs of that unfortunate then magically became all manner of aquatic animals and monsters that swim and teem in the oceans today, inadvertently feeding and supplying subsequent generations. The rest of that being are said to have become the first qallupilluk. These legends are perhaps convenient to establish an itinerant cult for the psychopomp Usher Anguta, who is said to appear in blizzards to the dying as a wise, fatherly human (or ith’n ya’roo) with but one arm and one eye, the missing ones being sacrificed for hungry kin. Even the newly discovered orcam people of the cold ocean depths have an analogous entity who appears as a mutilated, piebald narwhale appearing to wounded orcam warriors.

Adherents of Anguta are not present in every clan that lives on or near polar oceans, but groups that need the specific services of His clerics know how to summon one within a few days. Among the Sikoyan people of the sub-Northlands tundra, Angutan clerics are itinerant, moving from camp to camp on well-maintained dogsleds, helping with funeral rituals, advice on hunting and butchering, and aiding in hunting difficult monsters troubling the tribes. The ith’n ya’roo call Anguta ‘He Who Eats No Kin’, and his masked practitioners do not partake in funeral feasts, placing them in a pitied and feared social niche, though they are greatly respected and deferred to, being given a tithe of killed meat of furred prey. Followers of Father have special roles as keepers of grave-cairns, messenger between clans, holders of oral tradition, and dispatchers of supernatural threats. Angutan umiaks and kayaks are always of exquisite quality, made of the best materials available.

Spell Preparation Ritual
Both human and ith’n ya’roo adherents murmur prayers upon waking while letting blood from a cut drip onto the ice or into the ocean. If alone, they will wait to see if that blood attracts a predator or curious animal for them to catch and kill; if in a community, they will instruct youth in traditions or administer to the dying.

Religion Traits
The following religion traits may be taken by worshippers of this Usher.

Beast from the Blood (Anguta): As fingers became fish, bring beasts to me now. Add 1 round to the duration of the spell summon minor monsters.

Knowledge of the Blade (Anguta): The Man Who Cuts knows that each cut could be the last one you make. You gain +2 to confirm critical hits with a slashing weapon.

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