Amalthea, Blade of the Alticorn
Slot weapon; Aura strong abjuration
CL 19th; Weight
Intelligence 12; Wisdom 16; Charisma 18; Ego 25
Alignment Chaotic Good
Communication Speech (Common, Sylvan), Empathy
Senses darkvision and hearing 30 ft.
Special Purpose protect good magical beasts, slay arcane magic-users (+4 Ego if denied)
Powers change shape into a 5 ft. horn (see below); cast cure light wounds, dispel magic, see invisiblility 1/day
Special Purpose Power can cast true resurrection once per month
One of the newest artifacts on Porphyra, Amalthea is said to be the name of the last great alticorn of Idumea, a massive chaotic outsider, to come to Porphyra. Apparently perishing by magic in an assault on a combined undead/elementalist fortress, the valuable horn of the alticorn was saved, and spontaneously transformed into a beautiful, pearlescent +2 lifesurge longsword with the handle of red gold, faintly identifiable as a unicorn. Amalthea’s personality—very vital, very forward—exists in the blade, definitely a force to contend with. The blade Amalthea can transform, as a standard action, into a 5 ft. alticorn horn with a plain hilt on the bottom, usable as a +4 spear and giving the owner immunity to charm, compulsion, electricity, petrification and poison- but losing all other abilities except empathy. It can stay in horn form for a maximum of 1 hour/day.
The purpose of Amalthea is to protect magical beasts from the greedy wizards that would exploit and persecute them. It holds a very dim view of all arcane magic-users except for bards, whose powers they enjoy—possibly a weakness on its part. Though it seeks to protect good magical beasts, even an evil magical beast that is enslaved will provoke extreme anger from Amalthea, and extreme reluctance and sadness if forced to destroy it.
Amalthea will revert into its alticorn horn form and become ‘mortal’ (worth 6,000 gp towards harming/healing magical items) if the wielder changes his alignment from chaotic good and slays a unicorn.