Amaelianesses the Lilting Song in the Aftermath
The Lord of Rebirth, the Bright Twin
Worshipers: Farmers, healers, artisans
Alignment: CN
Domains: Chaos, Healing, Protection, Sun
Subdomains: Day, Defense, Protean, Restoration
Favored Weapon: Longspear
Favored Creature: King snake
Favored Instrument: Mandore


While many legends of the protean lords tell of their emergence and quixotic acts of destruction against both the Elemental Lords and Deist forces alike, the Bright Twin is uniformly remembered for acts of creation and healing. Amaelianesses manifested in the aftermath of the worst battles and elemental conflagrations of the NewGod wars, a great golden serpent with a crown of stars, a beatified mirror of her ruinous twin. Weeping for the destruction, her very presence healed injury and disease, and where she touched the earth, barren soil sprung to life and flowers bloomed even in naught but ashes.

Led by a golden chorus of keketars, the followers of the Bright Twin tirelessly worked to bring life and renewal after the endless number of natural disasters and the aftereffects of war. Most notably her forces often followed in the immediate wake of those loyal to the Dark Twin Sessenaileama, helping to bring restoration to the wanton death and pyrrhic destruction they gleefully brought upon the world, including the destruction rained down on Erkusaa itself.

In the wake of the volcanic destruction triggered by Drothos her followers aided fleeing refugees and seeded the blasted landscape with what would eventually become forests and grassland. The Bright Twin’s final act before departing the world was to provide refuge and shelter to the few nagas and serpentfolk that forsake the worship of S’sluun, providing for them within a pocket jungle demiplane torn away from the world and secreted away, supposedly one day to return.


The Bright Twin possesses the widest following of any of the Protean Lords outside of the boundaries of Erkusaa, though G’sho’laa’n’rr remains the seat of her worship. Far beyond the Mist-Shrouded Isle, farmers and peasants still recall tales of her aid in returning life to scorched and blood-soaked fields. Without a formal clergy to direct them, but self-directed and occasionally rewarded by visions in their dreams, they whisper a silent prayer to Amaelianesses as they plant their crops, and a simple blessing in her name is often recited during sunshowers. Dressed in golden-scaled regalia and white silken robes, formal clergy are restricted to Erkusaa with the slim exception of a strange number of protean-touched gold dragons lairing in the Glass Sea, seeking to shepherd life back to that waste.

Spell Preparation Ritual

Understand that life is resurgent, crawling back from the edge of death and destruction with the inevitability of the sun rising in the morning sky each and every day. Prepare your spells at daybreak as the first rays of light fall upon your bare flesh and whisper a prayer of thanksgiving that you are alive. Finish your prayers by bowing in the dirt, no matter how lush or how barren, and reach out your tongue. Taste the earth, knowing that this day you will touch the world with vitality and creation.

Religion Traits

The following traits are available to followers of Amaelianesses:
Call of the Bright-Twin: Life persists even when put to the brink of death, and with the Bright Twin’s blessing you may give the dying a second chance. Once per day as a swift action you can stabilize a single dying creature within 30 feet. This is a supernatural effect.

Verdant Touch: The truth of Chaos is verdant life and creation, and the Bright Twin empowers you to ensure that life never falters. You gain a +1 trait bonus to Heal checks and Heal is always a class skill for you.

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