Advent Imperiax
“The known is obvious: this alluring female race, their language, treasures, culture in general- are beyond anything we’ve imagined. What is unknown is, regrettably, everything else.” - Intercepted Fudi diplomatic missive

Capital: Myxhadriax
Settlements: Myxhadriax (21,000), Yhadri-Fhas (17,000), Yhadri-Izhaaf (27,000)
Ruler: The Imperiax Triumvirate
Government: Gynarchic Geniocracy
Races: Dhosari, Erkunae, Femanx, Half-Orc, Human, Squole
Faiths: None
Resources: Alien technology, intoxicants, godmetals (adamantine, geranite), slaves
Languages: Common, Manxic
Border Conditions: Restricted (porphyrite north, mountains all others)

Nestled deep within a mysterious, impassable mountain range, the existence – let alone the genesis- of the Advent Imperiax is shrouded in mystery. The other nations of Porphyra see the Imperiax (as it is commonly called) as a curious anomaly, allied neither with the ascendant New Gods or the usurped Elemental Lords. The dominant, unique race of the Imperiax are the femanx, and their leadership knows, as do some few foreigners, that the origin if the matriarchal realm arose in the days of The Calling. A great femanx colonization vessel crash-landed after it was thrown off-course by the appearance of Vaar’s Moon in orbit around the Patchwork Planet. So great was the crash and so large the original vessel, it is said to have caused the formation of the great vale it now occupies, as it punched through the mountains and into a previously subterranean lake. Whatever the catalyst for the crash, the remaining contingent-hopelessly stranded, though with advanced technology and genetics- began what has since become an intriguing realm on their new, precarious world.

The secret knowledge doled out by the Triumvirate holds that the femanx vessel, the Venusia, attempted an emergency “advent”, or calculated insertion, and entered Porphyra’s atmosphere. Terms that are almost holy to the femanx-“matter displacement”, “particulate dispersion” and “environmental control generation” occurred, and three component vessels arrived at hasty coordinates, becoming the three femanx cities. When energy shields were thereafter generated, the eerily beautiful, apparently exclusively female femanx emerged on the stage of Porphyra. The ‘Lost Home’ was then truly lost to this enigmatic race, for good or ill.

As the mountainous destination point of the Advent was remote and nigh-inaccessible, the Imperiax was virtually unaffected by the otherwise world-spanning NewGod Wars, except for an apocryphal legend of a reconnoitering battalion of stone giants and shaitan obliterated by femanx forces. They found no attraction to either side in the conflict, and still do not, preferring to study and watch their odd neighbors and world-mates slaughter each other.

Current Events
The Imperiax Triumvirate rules the realm and its people, the femanx, with no whisper of revolt in a millennium. The most learned and loyal of the Advent Imperiax, it consists of two Mxyiir, and a titular head, the Mxyiax. These Triumvirs are replaced only upon death, or more often, when stumped by an issue posed by a citizen. Though the femanx are tolerant of divergent views, they do practice slave-keeping-though their slaves are treated very well compared to those in other realms. Due to a very successful ambassadorial relationship of the Imperiax and the Opal Throne of Erkusaa, a great number of their slaves are dhosari, generally content with their judicious treatment while the bulk of their other slaves come from human and half-orc stocks that have wandered into Imperiax territory from Iffud. Though intellectual in nature, the edicts and rule of the Triumvirate are absolute in their realms, with instances of summary execution via “particulate dispersion” not unheard of. Femanx have a strict hierarchy and are not to be trifled with, but otherwise tend toward being unwittingly condescending rather than overtly haughty or callous.

The natives of the Imperiax – and in recent decades honored non-femanx residents—make routine use of highly technological weapons and utilitarian items too numerous to list. Though their remote and largely inaccessible locale has kept their realm nearly mythical, “nearly” is all that’s needed for those who would go to extremes to learn of their technology—even more so to gain mastery over it. The erkunae have enjoyed the most benefit from this technology, and those of the Clockwork Lands are the most envious of it. Boggles are not allowed in the Imperiax on pain of death…

Though still a very secretive society, in the last several decades the Advent Imperiax has begun limited interaction, trade, and in some cases even cross-residency with other races and lands. The enclave of Ghlidra-Yaam in the Rainbow Isles was the first instance of this, with small steps to follow. The manner in which the femanx bring visitors in and out their cities is cause for much speculation by jealous explorers, doubtless part of their advanced technology. To this point, the Triumvirate expressly forbids the trade of their technology in all but items of the very basest utility. These “minor” items are considered fabulous treasures by wealthy outlanders, and even mundane items such as acro-fizz beverages, cerebro-fume smoking blends and the like are very high quality and coveted by the rich Porphyrans “in the know.”

Each settlement’s center is the seat of femanx power, the remnant of the antevocial Venusia. It is encapsulated by a spherical energy and/or substance of some sort, half above, half below the surface, a spherical dome.

Surrounding the settlement centre are two concentric rings of colored energy, each serving as a barrier wall and energy source for the city. The two sectors created have become indicators of status, with the privileged inhabiting the innermost.

Myxhadriax is the capital of the Imperiax, with the most powerful city and largest energy barrier. Its name means “supreme matron city” and holds the Hall of Knowledge, seat of the Triumvirate. Many artifacts of the ‘Lost Home’ are on display here, and revered almost as holy icons. High-ranking families and their entourages of weird slaves stroll the exotic gardens, jockeying for social standing and intrigue.

Yhadri-Fhas is the hub of industry in the Imperiax, and the “first city” is a wonder of moving sidewalks, flying machines, and robot constructs producing and moving the goods of the femanx. Foreigners must be extremely well vetted here, as the Clockworkers would pay a humanoid’s weight in gold for descriptions of even a simple waste-elimination probe. The Stars of LostHome, the
military wing of the nation, is also headquartered here.

Yhadri-Izhaaf, meaning “outer city” is where the highest concentration of non-femanx call home, with a sizable Foreign Sector. It contains all manner of general and specialty shops, pleasure houses, tavern-like equivalents, and short, conkscrew-patterned towers. Moving between energy shields is generally permissible, but access to the city centre is tightly restricted.


  • An Imperiax matron covertly contacts the party through an envoy, with a mission to recover several items of femanx technology stolen by bogus ambassadors. If the problem is dealt with discreetly and quickly, the PCs may earn access to some of the items themselves.
  • The race of the squole is odd in the extreme, and is supposed by some to have some ecological connection to the femanx home world. If you could locate a colony of ‘wild’ squole in the mountain ring of the Imperiax, much valuable information could be acquired.
  • The Imperiax plans an invasion of a neighboring city to flex their national muscles, and let Porphyra know they are more than exotic pleasure-merchants. Will you join them, or oppose the alien race, facing their deadly superior technology?

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